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Lost in Time with Ian (Rhino) Ryan and Gary Clarke

"I haven't heard that in years!!". If you thought a particular song has been "lost in time", "Rhino" Ryan will find it. Starting from a base-frame of "events that happened on this week back through the last 6 decades", Lost in Time noodles out old pub-singalong favourites - mainly rock 'n' roll, blues and a smidgin' of country - songs that we may have forgotten were once familiar to us. Every week, too, you get 3 Aussie tracks from South Australian artists (there's a 15-year-old girl from Mt. Gambier who sings like a 30-year-old professional, and local pub bands that hold their own with the best). Lost in Time, thanks to the internet, now attracts regular listeners who call in from the South and Eastern seaboard of the USA, Wales and Scotland. Broaden you musical experience and revive those forgotten faves you used to sing in the shower.

10:00 pm - Midnight

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