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Close Encounters of a Community Kind with Barbara Chappell

Close Encounters of a Community Kind is a community access program that supports groups and organisations to connect with people in communities throughout the CoastFM broadcast area. The aim of the program is to create numerous encounters of a community kind for our listeners. The people I get to speak to on the program have a real interest in making a positive difference to the way we live our lives. Each time I interview someone I learn something new and I hope the listeners do too. If you are belong to a group or organisation and would like to spread the word about what you do, please contact me on 0429 155 743 or chappell@aapt.net.au

The opening music for the program is from the movie “Close Encounters of a Third Kind” and the title of the program is a play on this. I was struggling to find a name for the program and came up with the name while watching the movie one evening. It is a good fit mostly, however there are times when people think it is a science program.

And of course I get to play great music in between interviews. You can expect to hear a mix of folk and classic rock and definitely some celtic music throughout the two hours the program is on the air.

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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